A New Year’s Resolution to Change Your Life

Can you believe it?  Christmas is past.  New Year’s Eve is past.  Good bye to 2014.  Seems just like yesterday we were crossing over into 2000!
So, this is the time for new year resolutions.  Many concentrate on weight loss, getting into shape, saving more money/spending less.
Let me throw out another resolution.  That is to ask yourself daily, “What can I do today that will make a difference in my life?”  Fight today to live, but be ready to die.
The Doc says, “Your cancer is in remission!”  Great!  You ask, “What can I do to today that will make a difference in my life?”
The Doc says, “Your cancer is worse!”  You ask, “What can I do today that will make a difference in my life?”
This works in all scenarios.  Your spouse says, “x happened at work today!”  You say, “……”
Your daughter and her husband announce, “You are going to be grandparents!”  You say, “…..”
What we do today, can and so very often makes a difference in our tomorrow.  None of know about tomorrow, but most (over 99.5%) know about today.  We know we can do something constructive, we can do something not constructive, or we can simply do nothing.

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