Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

  • Traditional options have not been able to truly reverse arthritis.
  • The newest treatment with amniotic stem cells is showing excellent outcomes with significant advantages over its rivas.


  • 29% incidence of pain
  • Major complications occurred in 10% and minor complications in 39%
  • Donor site complications include pain, nerve and artery injury, fracture, peritoneal perforation, sacroiliac joint instability, and herniation of abdominal contents through defects in the ilium.


  • Advocates say this method has the most stem cells.
  • While true initially, up to 80% of the fat graft dies within days.
  • A newer method of adipose stem cell therapy is available call SVF which helps with cell viability.
  • So why doesn’t everyone do that?  It takes 6 hours and costs over twice as much and superiority has not be seen.


  • No harvesting is necessary.
  • No ethical concerns.
  • No rejection — immunologically privileged.
  • Over 75 growth factors present and contains anti-microbial elements.
  • Procedures are fast.
  • Properly processed fluid contains significant numbers of stem cells.

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