Diabetic Neuropathy, Possibly a Treatment?

Diabetic neuropathy is a miserable problem many people with diabetes face every day.  It consists of pain and burning from the toes and often going up into the leg.  Therapy options are notoriously poor, plagued by many side effects.


Read below to see a possible alternative.  In this article discussion is around using intravenous alpha-lipoic acid.  This same alpha-lipoic can be found in an oral form at your health food store.


Get with a doc who is knowledgeable in the use of supplements.



“He didn’t just work on my illness, he worked on my physical, mental and spiritual well being,” Moore said. “He’s concerned for my entire me; That’s just something that I’ve never had anyone do for me, and I had never experienced that before.”

Moore said she now takes several supplements and visits Berkson in Las Cruces for a week every few months to get intravenous infusions of alpha-lipoic acid, a natural antioxidant used to treat certain types of nerve damage. She has seen a significant improvement in her condition.

“There’s a study out of Mayo Clinic with over a thousand patients with a medical condition called diabetic neuropathy and they use alpha-lipoic acid IV in treating diabetic neuropathy, and (researchers) found that it actually reversed their pain and increased their ability to function. But alpha-lipoic acid is not FDA approved, so it’s not a well-recognized study,” he said. “In Germany, (alpha-lipoic acid) is a prescription drug that they use for it.” Integrative medicine offers new approach to health – Las Cruces Sun-News

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