How Fast Do Stem Cell Treatments Work?

A common question from many, "How long after I get the stem cells will I feel better?"

Traditional medicine performs a cortisone injection, and folks are told they should feel better within a day, or so.  The duration of benefit is short, a fewdays to a few weeks.

Regenerative Medicine uses stem cell solutions which contain mesenchymal stem cells and multiple growth factors.  The onset of improvement is slower.  Here a treatment is administered with the aim to be reduction of inflammation (pain) and to regenerate new tissue.  this takes time.  I tell our clients average is 4-6 weeks.  Many will begin to notice they can walk faster, stand up straighter, or no longer need to use their arms to get out of a chair.  It is a gradual improvement.

However, all clinics have some clients who swear they expeienced a dramatic improvement within a day, or so.  We have had this happen woth some of your people.  This does not look to be a placebo response, as it continues with the person.

So, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  Nexxt best time is today.  Same with getting your pains improved with Regenerative Medicine.  Should have done is a few months ago.  But didn't.  So, next best time is today.

Roy Hall MD Dr. Hall is the owner of Mountain Health Functional Medicine, located in Billings, MT. He is a certified practitioner of Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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