Is Depression a Disease?

Is depression really s disease?  Traditional medicine says, "Yes."  There is a reason for this.

Up until a few years ago, if one lost someone significant to death, the doctors could label that person as being "Depressed".  It was called "Grieving".

I remember a middle aged lady coming to me just before I left my hospital owned clinic practice.  She was really down in the dumps.  I asked her what happened recently.  She said, "I lost three important men in my life over the past 6 months, my dad, my husband, and my son."

I told her she certainly had reasons to feel depressed.  My next questions to her dealt with asking if she had supportive family within reach, supportive friends, and help with spiritual issues.  She said "Yes" to all three.

I then told her I was leaving the clinic, and I could give her a prescription for an anti-depressant.  I then told her my preference, based on her answers, was to allow her to grieve and mourn the loss of these three important people in her life.  I told her she will hurt for a time, but with good support she can get through the process and be much more alive after the journey.  She chose this approach, rather than medications.

There is a reason the medical establishment ended the inability to label one as "Grieving" and replacing is with the diagnosis of "Depression".  The medical profession does not have medication for Grief, and does not know how to justify a clinic vist for those who are grieving.  The docs do have medications for depression and codes to allow office visits for those depressed.  Hence, the end of the ability to call an experience "Grieving".

Many symtoms associated with those labelled "Depression" are simply experiences realting to something not being right in the person's life.  We do know, there are no real chemical imbalances in these people.  However, that is not what the pharmaceuticals want us to believe.

Very often there are other causes for the depressed state, and should be explored and corrected, rather than simply giving a pill, which by the way does not show benefit in the long term.  Relinguishing meaning in life to a biochemical imbalance simply takes power from the person, and subjugates them to being a life long consumer.

I urge you to seek to regain control of your life and search for the true cause of your blues.  You will feel better, you will be more active, and you will do better.

Roy Hall MD Dr. Hall is the owner of Mountain Health Functional Medicine, located in Billings, MT. He is a certified practitioner of Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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