Transforming Lives Through Empowering Healthcare!

Press Release –

Transforming Lives through Empowering Healthcare!

“We are transforming lives! We are seeing changes in marriages! We are seeing excitement in the folks who come to our center!” says Roy Hall MD, the owner of Mountain Health Functional Medicine. Our center is entering phase II after opening in Billings, MT in March 2016. Our first group of people are competing their initial part of our wellness programs and are really enjoying gaining control of their health and lives. We are seeing changes in marriages. Couples are actively taking part in helping each other feel better and live better.

Our partners – not called “patients” are coming from Missoula, Butte, Lewistown, Miles City, and several towns in Wyoming. They are coming to regain their health and to step “out of the standard box” of health care. We have fun with our partners helping them get off their blood pressure pills, anti-depressants, diabetes medications, and statins for cholesterol issues.

Phase II is exciting as we are able to increase our classes and offer many new options to fit the needs of our partners. Our programs have expanded to treating issues of autoimmunity, neuropathy, diabetes, obesity, depression, stress, fitness, hormone optimization with bio-identical hormones, reduction of risk s for Alzheimers, heart disease, cancers, and many other issues amenable to the functional medicine approach to health and wellness. Our clinic utilizes technology to augment our communications and interactions with our partners, whereas in many standard medical clinics, technology has interrupted the communications between medical staff and patients.

“Our growth is beyond my initial plans. It is so, so phenomenal to see what is happening here in Billings, and in Montana!”

For those who want more information on how to regain their health and to again live more fully, visit our website,, our Facebook page, or call for an appointment – 406-969-6301!

Mountain Health Functional Medicine is transforming lives through empowering health care. It is so fresh!

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