Treat Depression with Food? No SSRI’s?

Depression is a major health issue in modern life.  Studies now are revealing the power of foods to treat this common illness.  Imagine feeling better without the need for a SSRI.  No more sexual issues, no more fatigue, no weight gain!

Read more.  Let me know thoughts of a life without SSRI’s or SNRI’s  (Don’t stop without visiting with your doctor.)


Some depressed patients are treatment-resistant — their symptoms do not lessen no matter what drug they take. Interestingly, given an anti-inflammatory drug, such patients who also happen to have high inflammation levels will find relief from their symptoms of depression. Now, a new study takes this unusual finding one step further — people with both depression and high inflammation benefit from taking omega-3 fatty acid EPA (eicosapentataenoic acid).

Your body uses inflammation as a defense to protect against disease or infection. While you probably recognize inflammation when your sprained ankle begins to swell, you may not understand that your brain also can become inflamed. Though this natural response may be healing, too much inflammation can be damaging.

A link between depression and inflammation was established earlier this year. After scanning the brains of 20 patients with depression and 20 healthy participants, a research team observed significant inflammation in the brains of people with depression. In fact, symptom severity directly related to inflammation levels — the patients with major depression showed a 30 percent inflammatory increase. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Effectively Treat Depression In Patients With High Inflammation Levels

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