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Click to watch a short video about how we can help you get your health back.  Tired of that blasted belly fat?  Want more energy? Frustrated because you are not getting well when visiting your doc?


Stress, Hormones, and Health.  Three improtant topics.  Stress really is the key toso much of our illnesses.  This includes physical stress - working continuously and hard, trauma from daily activities.  Then there is chemical stresses - coming from environmental problems, such as electromagnetic energies to air and water pollutants.  Finally, we have emotional stress.  Here so many say "things will get better when X occurs."  But really, it does not get better, it just changes.

Hormones are a touchy subject.  Traditional medicine typlcally does not address how to correct the important hormones in our system.  Rather, it focuses so much effort into giving a medication that makes the labs look good, but do nothing for dealignwith the cause of the malfunction.

And because of these, our health falters.  We see so many who come in overweight, dog tired, and frustrated with all their medication and feel so lousy.  We work with these folks, and very predicatbly, many begin to once again enjoy life with less pain, more enrgy, less weight, with much more happiness.

We must address the root causes of why we get ill, not treat the symptoms.

Roy Hall MD Dr. Hall is the owner of Mountain Health Functional Medicine, located in Billings, MT. He is a certified practitioner of Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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