Why Do I Feel So Bad When My Thyroid Test is Normal?

Physicians always talk about "normal lab values" telling people you want a "Normal Value".

Normal values simply mean 95% of the population is within the normal range.  That means 2.5% are below the normal range and 2.5% are above the normal range. 

In funtional medicine, we strive to have our patients in the "optimal range".  Often this is a stricter range and is where one often feels his/her best.  This is often overlooked in the thyroid testing.  Our normal range in our community is to have the TSH between 0.4 and 4.5.  The optimal range is between 0.4 nad 2.0.

Also, many doctors forget what we were taught in medical school about supplying both T3 and T4 to the person.  Druge companies tell the docotrs to use a synthetic thyroid hormone, Levothyroxine, which is only T4.  Basically, all T4 does in the body is to lower the TSH, making the labs look better, but does nothing about replacing the needed T3.  It is T3 that warms us up, speeds up the bowels, clears the brain fog, helps with weight managment, etc.  It is T3 that corrects the bodily disfunctions when the thyroid is slow.

Much more money is being made by the drug companies with the use of the synthetic T4 version versus treating with a cheaper T3/T4 combination where most people do really very well.

Roy Hall MD Dr. Hall is the owner of Mountain Health Functional Medicine, located in Billings, MT. He is a certified practitioner of Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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