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We are so proud to announce at Mountain Health Functional Medicine that we are now offering our folks REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.

If you are experiencing knee pain and have been told you need a knee replaced and simply do not want to go through the cost and agony of joint replacement surgery, then call and ask about our ADVANCED OSTEOARTHRITIS of the KNEE PROGRAM.  With our association with Integrative Practice Solutions, we are seeing over 90% success rate in the prevention of even needing an operation.

As is our other functional medicine programs, we focus on treating the cause of the issue, rather than focusing on the end-results, the symptoms.

We are offering umbilical cord stem cells.  These are harvested from umbilical cords from mother’s who have undergone elective C-Sections.  This way there are no surprises for the young moms.  No ethical concerns about the source of stem cell arise with this method.

So, if you are having joint pain and told you need a new joint (hip, knee, shoulder) and simply do not want to undergo surgery and the long road of painful physical therapy, come see us.  Have a sports injury that is not healing, come see us.

We will examine you and review your records and x-rays.  If you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, we then set up an appointment in the clinic.  The whole process takes only about 15 minutes.  The majority feel better in a few days!

Call us at 406-969-6310 to learn about our next seminar dealing with joint pain.  You will not be disappointed.

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