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We are so proud to announce at Mountain Health Functional Medicine that we are now offering our folks REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.

We live in either Montana, the Dakotas, or Wyoming. That means we are to enjoy what this wonderful land has to offer. We should be playing golf, skiing, hunting, riding horses, fishing, active in sports, and so much more. We don’t live in a boring place. Right? But is there something in your life preventing you from taking advantage of all the benefits of this area?

Any of these following in your life?

• Are you in pain?

• Have you been told you need a joint replaced, but somehow you sense this is not the answer?

• Do you know others who have had their knees replaced, and regret their decision?

• Do you simply want your vitality and life back, without the need for pain medications?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then please contact us. We can get you back to enjoying all that Montana has to offer.

Regenerative Medicine is dealing with the root cause of why you are in pain. Traditional medicine tends to treat the symptoms, only. Take pain medicine, have surgery. But you know, you still have the problem causing the pain. Therefore, you must repeat that medication the next day, or repeat that surgery in a few years.

Address the cause, and the symptom (pain) goes away. Regenerative Medicine is more than just giving stem cells. Stem cells are important. We know stem cells can differentiate into other tissues, such as cartilage or bone. But also, to heal, one needs growth factors and things such as hyaluronic acid. The true Regenerative Medicine clinics administer all of this important soup to help you heal the issues causing the pain.

Call us, come let us visit with you and show how together we can get you pain fee. Let’s enjoy Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming. Stop existing in your living room!. Call 406-969-6310 today for an appointment. You are spending way too much effort and time doing something that is not getting you the results you want. The answer really is very simple.

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