Allison Kelly, NBC-HWC-FMCHC

Health Coach located in Billings, MT

About Kelly

Having spent nearly 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry helping to bring new medications to market, I came to the realization that health cannot be found in pharmaceuticals! Yes, medications are necessary at times; however, the promise of a “simple” treatment can sometimes delay us from making the decisions that we know, deep-down, we need to make for our health. And sometimes medications cause issues for us that we don’t even expect!

No matter how sick you might feel right now, health is within each of us and is just waiting for a supportive, attentive alliance to bring it out for the you and for the world to see. I believe that health can be created. This is why I left my career in pharmaceutical research several years ago – to work closely with people to help them leverage the immense power that they have in creating their very best health- on their terms. As your health coach, I find out what matters most to you and together we co-create a plan that integrates your personal values and strengths, as well as your desires and abilities. I’m with you each and every step of the way as your ally who sees all that’s “right” with you. Let’s do this!