Kacie Robertus, FNP-BC

Functional Medicine located in Billings, MT

About Robertus

In my practice, I focus on treating the whole person.

An illness is the beginning of a journey into the discovery of what a healthier you looks like! And I’m excited to show this to you!   Each symptom or illness is your body trying to teach us how to be well- let’s listen to it!  All systems must work in unison for a healthy body and mind. It won’t happen unless the digestive system, nervous system, and all mental and emotional systems are operating in harmony with each other.

Here at Mountain Health- I get to do just that! We get time to sit down and find the pitfalls that have produced failure in the past; we talk about lifestyle choices, and we get a program worked out that is sustainable and fun!  I’m ready to help you take the next step- you deserve it!